About Us: Corporate Social Investment


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" We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." Winston Churchill British Politician (1874-1965)

These words provide the guiding principle for us as a team, since each member believes that together we can help our colleagues reach their true potential with a multiplied effect reaching our community and country.

Our approach towards social development can therefore be summarised as the point at which people and potential are met by opportunity.

Our commitment is made manifest in the focus areas listed below:

        Entrepreneurial Initiatives
        Entrepreneurial Initiatives
        Entrepreneurial Initiatives
        Charitable Projects for Children

Our approach to the development of individuals and their communities is not just to assist them financially but to share our knowledge and time. Our contribution, big or small is to make a tangible difference to each of the lives that we, as a company and group of people come into contact with.

Should you have spoken to us and feel that we could contribute to your social development programme, please complete the form below. It must be noted that not all respondents are successful and the board will evaluate each submission on a case by case basis.


Do you feel you have an initiative that needs our support?

Simply click on the button and motivate what difference we could make.

By clicking the submit button you are indicating that you are in position to do so for and on behalf of the NGO and in so doing accept the terms and conditions associated with it. This form in no way indicates that funding or contributions of any sort are guaranteed upon submission. Each application will be reviewed by the  groups management  and should there be consensus we will notify you in writing. Should you fail to hear from us within a four week period from date of submission please note that your application can be regarded as unsuccessful.