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Part of DEIF’s current transformer range, these measuring transformers convert high current into lower nominal current value, thus making it possible to use instruments and relays with standardised values of rated current.
DEIF offers 41 different physical sizes of the measuring transformers. The range is suitable for cables and several busbar combinations and positions.

Technical Features

Designed for cables and busbar

Primary current: 40 to 7,500 A

Secondary current: 5 or 1 A

Burden: 1.0 to 30 VA

Accuracy class:/protection class: 0.5 or 1.0


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Designed for round cables and busbar.

Primary current: 40 to 7500 A

Burden from 1.0 - 30 VA

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Designed for round cables.

   Primary current: 40 - 600 A

Burden from 1.0 - 10 VA

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