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The automatic genset controller AGC-4 MK II can be used as a single genset controller. Also, several AGCs can be connected in a complete power management system for synchronising projects, islanded or paralleled to the mains.

The generator controller is ideal for mission-critical applications such as hospitals and data centres, and it is capable of delivering backup power in only six seconds.

Technical Features

Improved internal design and functionality from the AGC-4

Up to 32 gensets/mains in one plant

 Multi-master power management

Load-dependent start and stop

Emulation for fast training and I/O test

Automatic Mains Failure sequence

Approved by TÜV and UL

Tier 4 final support

Close Before Excitation/Run-up synchronization – synchronisation from 6 seconds

Fully integratable with AGC 150, AGC 200, AGC-4, ASC-4, ALC-4

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