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Designed specifically to serve as a reliable, fully integrated and optimising link between sustainable power plants and genset power plants, DEIF’s automatic sustainable controller, ASC-4, is a new, market-leading solution for the industry.

Stand-alone applications

In stand-alone applications, the ASC-4 knows little about the surrounding environment in which it is placed. Based on transducer power readings and hardwired feedbacks alone, the ASC-4 determines the power references to the sustainable power plant. This approach is applicable for integrating sustainable power in already commissioned gen- set plants, whether they are equipped with DEIF controllers or not. Stand-alone applications support applications containing up to 16 gensets

Power management applications

The DEIF Power Management system fully integrates the sustainable power plant and the genset plant into a unity. The ASC-4 is connected to the CAN bus constituting the internal DEIF Power Management communication link. For that reason, this approach is only applicable in case the genset plant is equipped with AGC-4 or AGC 200 controllers from DEIF.

Maximizing sustainble power penetration

The ASC-4 will in any operation mode automatically maximize sustainable power penetration, depending on the total load demand to the hybrid without compromising constraints such as minimum genset load demand.

Minimum genset load in island operation

Minimum genset load constraint is available in the ASC-4. The constraint applies in island operation only. This constraint will cause the sustainable power penetration to decrease in case it is compromised.
This is to secure a certain amount of load on the gensets, eliminating the risk of reverse power situations and impure combustion and exhaust problems.

Spinning reserve

The ASC-4 offers spinning reserve support. The spinning reserve is set in percentage and is in regards to the power being produced by the sustainable power plant. Hence the settings determine how much spinning reserve the genset plant should keep to compensate for a potential decrease in sustainable power production. Spinning reserve support applies to power management applications only.

Power ramp
To avoid potential oscillations in the hybrid, the ASC-4 provides power ramp-up/-down functionality. This is to be able to control the rate of change of power reference calculated by the ASC PM for the sustainable power plant, thereby providing the genset plant time to adapt to the changes in the sustainable power penetration

Technical Features

Fully scalable multi-master system of up to 992 gensets

Cost-optimised design

Reduced fuel consumption

Grid support

Monitoring and supervision

Emulation Solution – uses and verifies the functions of the real system for test, production and design

Suitable for hybrid power solutions fitted with ASC PM controllers

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