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DEIF’s Automatic Genset Controller (AGC-4) is the most comprehensive and flexible power management and protection unit on the market today.

A further development of DEIF’s AGC-3, the new generation controller is fully compatible with its predecessor and has been designed to allow for easy, intuitive, and smooth switch-overs for those looking to upgrade.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, the AGC-4’s standard sequences include back-up power, start/stop, synchronisation, and load sharing.

The AGC-4 is simple to incorporate into both new and existing designs, customising the application to fit your needs, for instance dedicating specific functions or logic conditions to different inputs and outputs.

Technologically sophisticated, the AGC-4 is also the world’s most robust power management controller, successfully tested to maintain reliability and durability in extreme weather and hazardous conditions. Approvals include TÜV and UL.

Patent-pending Emulation

A standard in the Automatic Genset Controller, AGC-4, using DEIF’s Emulation Solution, all you need to do to perform a complete test of your Power Management Systems is turn on your controller and connect communications.

The Emulations Solution’s focus on exact reproduction of behaviour improves your planning, commissioning and training. It is all done in a safe environment without the costly and excessive need of gensets and switchgear and without the risk of equipment damage and human injury. The innovative solution gives you a critical market advantage and guarantees your customers a cutting-edge, finished result.

Remote Communication and Control

The AGC-4 supports serial communication protocols including Modbus (RS 485, USB, and TCP/IP) and Profibus. This feature allows you to supervise and control your genset/plant from a remote location and minimise downtime or take immediate action on genset alarms or warnings.

Technical Features

Up to 32 gensets/mains in one plant

Multi-master power management

Load-dependent start and stop

Emulation for fast training and I/O test

Automatic Mains Failure sequence

Approved by TÜV and UL

Tier 4 final support

Close Before Excitation/Run-up synchronization – synchronisation from 6 seconds

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