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Easy to operate and configure, DEIF’s PPU-3 control and protection unit is an ideal controller for PLC-based power management systems.

Apart from generator protection and synchronisation, the PPU-3 also features regulation modes including load sharing, fixed power, fixed frequency, etc. Serial communication enables easy interfacing with PLCs, SCADA-systems and more, and the unit features all necessary three-phase measuring circuits, displaying all values and alarms on a quality LCD screen.

Turning the PPU-3 into an engine control unit featuring start/stop and protection functionalities, the optional engine interface card also has a separate power supply and an independent microprocessor.

In cases of PPU-3 processor breakdowns, the engine interface card will enter into backup mode and ensure uninterrupted engine supervision.

In cases of shutdown alarms, the engine shuts down automatically, making it a reliable solution for control and supervision of marine gensets.

Technical Features

Internal system supervision

Engine control, monitoring and protection

3-phase generator protections

Automatic synchronisation

Load sharing

Internal CAN bus and analogue load-share line

Multiple display units and multiple Additional Operator Panels (AOPs)

RS-485 and TCP/IP Modbus communication ports

Interface to the DEIF advanced graphical touch screen AGI

CAN bus port for J1939 engine supervision

Alarm and event log


USB port for service software

Up to 690 V AC direct AC inputs

Trip of non essential load groups (preferential trip)

Advanced fuel optimisation features

M-Logic event builder

Integrated emulation software solution

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