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The PPU 300 Standard controller is a highly configurable controller that can be customised to many different applications. It contains the functions required to protect and control a diesel generator, shaft generator, shore connection, or bus tie breaker, and their associated breakers.

You can reconfigure the onboard software for all of these applications, for example to change a genset controller to a shore connection controller, using the PICUS software utility. This makes the PPU 300 Standard controller a very flexible building block in your power system.

If you need extended controller functionality, you can order the PPU 300 Standard controller with a CODESYS PLC environment.

Technical Features

Diesel Generator/ Shaft/ Shore/ Bus-Tie/ Battery controller

Engine and Generator/Shore and AC protection

Engine CANbus

Graphical based easy-to-use plant layout


PLC logic

  Rear mount

Flexible Hardware

Ethernet Ring connection for Power management

Marine approval

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Data Sheet

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Designer Handbook

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