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For project planning and commissioning, DEIF is the only solutions provider to offer Power management system testing as a fast, simple and safe emulation procedure. Unlike PC- lone simulations, our patent-pending  Emulation solution uses and verifies the functions of the real system. Designed for safe testing of the entire application prior to switchboard installation, whenapplied with DEIF Utility Software (USW), even complex software functions can be programmed and tested and visualised on your PC or HMI in minutes.

Particularly suitable for retrofitting, the Emulation solution lets you continue running existing applications while testing the new setup in your office, saving valuable time.  This also makes it an ideal tool for demonstrations in connection with sales and for training sessions as the studies of the dynamics of the power management system can be performed without connecting to real gensets.

Technical Features

Power management test before installation

Customer approval of sequences before installing

Breaker/engine/mains failure, load change and digital input signals test with only DEIF controllers, but no other external equipment

Low voltage test environment (no AC)

Desktop training facilities

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