Leroy Somer Low Voltage Alternators

 Products: Leroy Somer - LSA P.T.O. GEARLEC &  TRACTELEC

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Manufactured by Leroy Somer

Brushless alternator with exciter
Single bearing or two bearing arrangement
Prime mover : diesel or gas engine

Compliance with :
IEC, VDE, NEMA, BS, CSA, UL1446, CE low voltage

Technical Features

Power Range (Elec) 50hz:

15 kVA - 53 kVA    (Prime Rated)

Power Range (Mech):

12kW - 42 kW    (Prime Rated)

Power Range (Elec) 50hz

17 kVA - 59 kVA    (Standby Rated)

Power Range (Mech) 50hz

13 kW - 47 kW    (Standby Rated)

 Class F or H insulation depending on the model

Overload capacity: the alternators are capable of starting electric motors whose starting current is 2 to 2,5 times the rated alternator current

 Voltage regulation: the voltage is in proportion with the speed (U/F)

Automatic build-up on the remanent voltage.

Degree of protection: IP 21 or IP23 depending on the model

The R220 and R250 AVR are specially adjusted for use with GEARLEC / TRACTELEC

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Data - Tractelec

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Data - Gearlec

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AVR Data Sheet

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