Leroy Somer Low Voltage Alternators

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Manufactured by Leroy Somer

High Efficiency & ReliabilityLSAC Class F Alternators

Compliance with :
IEC, VDE, NEMA, BS, CSA, UL1446, CE low voltage

Technical Features

Power Range (Elec) 50hz:

9 kVA - 1475 kVA    (Prime Rated)

Power Range (Mech) 50hz:

7 kW - 1180 kW    (Prime Rated)

Power Range (Elec) 50hz:

10 kVA - 1639 kVA    (Standby Rated)

Power Range (Mech) 50hz:

8 kW - 1311 kW    (Standby Rated)

Optimized for co-generation and prime power generation
Class H insulation

Class F temperature rise

AREP excitation

D510C digital regulator

C.T. for alternators paralleling

3 x PT100 sensors on stator


PMG excitation (not available on LSA 40)
Remote voltage potentiometer

Remote P.F. potentiometer

Temperature sensors for bearings PT100

Regreasable bearings

Space heaters

Filters on air inlet (5% derating)

IP  44  enclosure  on  air  inlet  and  air  outlet  (10% derating)

Protection  for  harsh  environments  and  relative humidity above 95%

3 x PT100 sensors on stator

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