Leroy Somer Low Voltage Alternators

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Manufactured by Leroy Somer

Brushless variable speed alternator with exciter
Single bearing arrangement
Prime mover : diesel

Compliance with :
IEC, VDE, NEMA, BS, CSA, UL1446, CE low voltage.
Compliance with :
The LSA series alternators conform to the main international standards
and regulations: IEC 60034, ISO8528/3.
The LSA series alternators are designed, manufactured and marked in an
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environment.

Technical Features

Power Range (Elec) 50hz:

5 kVA - 15.8 kVA    (Prime Rated)

Power Range (Mech):

4kW - 13 kW    (Prime Rated)

Power Range (Elec) 50hz

6 kVA - 18 kVA    (Standby Rated)

Power Range (Mech) 50hz

4.5kW - 14 kW    (Standby Rated)

  Insulation Class:

Class H


IP23 enclosure

  Control Systems:

Brushless alternator with exciter

  Winding Pitch:

Two Third 

  Number of Wires:



Three Phases 

  Bearing Arrangement:

Single bearing arrangement

  Prime Mover:

Diesel Engines 


SHUNT excitation with A.V.R R 220VS

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