Products: Service & Maintenance Contracts


Vert Energy is able to tailor a service and maintenance contract to meet your exact needs and requirements.
Whether you operate single units at one location to a fleet of units across multiple sites we will deliver,
Our collaboration with your company is across the organisation to ensure that your executive managements strategic and cost objectives are achieved with operational deliverables that ensure your power plant keeps running 24/7.

Whether its a technical advice, a spare parts reference or onsite support our 24/7 service is tailored to not just offer you immediate support but assist in the following areas:

    Emergency Breakdowns
    Repairs and Remanufacturing
    Routine Service and Maintenace

Technical Features


Odoo CMS - a big picture

* P= Procurement L=Logistics M=Metering & Mangement A=Analysis
** Between ( 8am - 5pm) Monday - Sunday excluding relgious holidays and New Years Day
"" Between ( 5pm - 8am) Monday - Sunday excluding relgious holidays and New Years Day

Vert Energy reserves the right to change / modify and or remove any of these offerings wthout prior notice (verbal or written)

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