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BESS technology helps improve energy flow at every stage of the energy transmission chain. It can reduce generation costs, managing and flattening the load profile and consequently avoid/postpone grid upgrades and/or the need for additional peaker stations.
Furthermore, energy from renewable sources can be integrated with BESS to optimize the plant’s generation profile to either obtain a flat profile or store excess production to release later when required.
Moreover, BESS makes the grid smarter and capable of using electrical power at the grid level when it is most needed.
At the end-user level, for Industrial applications, BESS provides a reliable energy source for specific loads to proactively compensate for voltage flickers and short power outages (an alternative form of power quality), thus avoiding any production outages due to a grid fault.
Management of production peaks is also a suitable application, offsetting the need to upgrade the factory grid.

Technical Features

Power Range (Elec) 50hz:

The BESS Unit consists of batteries, a power and energy management system, power conversions systems based on active front end inverter technology, along with transformers, cooling system and protective circuit devices.

Batteries can be configured in modules of up to several megawatts for use in various applications with different battery topologies according to performance requirements.

Nidec provides robust, modular solutions based on proven industrial technology that minimizes installation and maintenance times, prolongs system life and enhances safety

Mounting Configurations ( Standard)

The Cube: 1MW/1MWh in prefabricated
concrete housing or metal cabinet

The Mini-B: 20’ container

The Midi-B: 40’ container

The Maxi-B: 45’ container

The Jumbo-B: 53’ container

Technical Features



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